Who am I then...   Magnus Karlson
Born late 50's implying I have lasted at least half a century, and some friendly soul said at the
time "You should be happy now, everything will be much simpler going downhill"...

Started with photography very early with fantastic cameras manufactured in plastics, (sorry to
disappoint but I'm not a Holga fanatic, and I do not miss the non-pictures that I took then)
dabbling away using analog cameras until about the last millennium. In fact I had already gone
over to a digital workflow before that but the cameras was not good enough (I thought).

I have so far kept my day job and intend to do so for a while longer (you do not have to say,
"you should"), but I do this as a break from the normal, and not being forced to make a living
from it I have not needed to look into any corner yet. Architecture, flowers, nature, people,
night views, all gives me kicks to photograph now and then, some more than others, but it
varies over the years.

I have had some luck in a number of competitions as well as failures, have had some few
exhibitions, gone to a lot of courses, workshops over the years as well, the biggest pleasure
is to hear your pictures are good, or engage or interest or ...

Hope you have liked something of what you can see here, drop a line!

Have a good day!
Looking like Burt? Watson tribute You can keep your hat on!